Grey Matter Neuropsychology of New York, PLLC is a private neuropsychology practice based in New York City.  We provide neuropsychological and psychological evaluations in the context of clinical, educational, and forensic settings.  We are a lifespan practice, providing evaluations for children, starting at 6 years of age and adults up through age 85+.  

In addition to assessment, we provide psychotherapy services in the form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Adlerian Psychotherapy for individuals  with depression and anxiety due to a variety of situations (i.e., relationship/marital problems,  coping during times of bereavement,  medical illness [i.e., stroke, cancer, traumatic brain injury, etc.],  and caregivers).

We provide consultation for vocational and educational planning for teenagers and young adults, which may include both assessment and psychotherapy.  

We conduct neuropsychological and psychoeducational evaluations with the New York City Department of Education for all school-aged children/adolescents/teenagers.  We perform psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for social security and pre-employment (i.e., law enforcement, public safety/peace officers, firefighters, and other vocations).

We are currently accepting new patients/clients and are happy to answer questions via email or over the phone.